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                SVA COMPANY HISTORY


Sacramento Valley Alarm Security System, Inc. (SVA), is rich with a history of hard work, perseverance and a commitment to quality service that was derived from its affiliated company, Certified Safe & Lock Company (C.S.L.S., INC.).

Certified Safe & Lock was purchased by the husband and wife team of Everett and Laura Nibbelink in 1953. For twelve years, they managed to run the budding business by themselves, along with only two employees, and their second oldest son, Greg Nibbelink.

While Greg was initially enthralled with the locksmith industry, as he got older, his focus shifted away from the safe and lock industry over to the rapidly growing industry of burglar and fire alarms. Although Greg began trying to persuade his parents to expand the business into alarms in 1968, it took three years to pass before he made any headway. In June of 1972, Sacramento Valley Security System (SVA) was launched. Greg was the sole employee with any knowledge of alarms, which meant he took on the role of salesman, installer, on-call night man, as well as any other jobs that needed to be done. The actual alarm monitoring was done through an answering service, thus leaving Everett to tend to the management of Certified Safe & Lock, and Laura to answer the phones in the main office, along with handling all the bookkeeping for both companies. Within six months of SVA’s establishment, Diane Goulding, Greg’s sister, joined the family business and was put in charge of all office duties. Within the first year of SVA’s opening, the business found itself expanding enough to demand a full-time installer, which eased Greg’s workload significantly.

As SVA grew, so did the goals of the company. Laura, Greg and Diane hoped to eventually own their own Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Listed Central Station, where alarms would be monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by their own employees. In 1979 that goal seemed more attainable when they set up their own monitoring station, located next door to Certified Safe & Lock. They hired enough employees to do the necessary monitoring, but fell a little short, still, from becoming a full-fledged UL Central Station.

As technology advanced, Greg became increasingly interested in the idea of monitoring alarms using computers. However, at the time, computers were much more expensive than they are today. He continued to learn about the potential of using computers as monitoring devices, while the family budgeted to invest in the computing equipment needed. Eventually, the computers were purchased, but then came the realization that the software that could serve the needs of monitoring alarms via computers didn’t exist. So, SVA chose to hire a programmer, and together he and Greg, wrote all the computer programs needed to run a successful business, which consisted of being able to receive alarm signals, as well as to do the monthly billing.

The goal of achieving a UL Central Station finally became a reality in 1980, and Sacramento Valley Alarm Security System, Inc. was established. Along with that, SVA became Diane and Greg’s full time responsibility. Over the years, SVA’s UL Central Station also became the monitoring station for four (4) other local alarm companies. Since its establishment in 1980, and up until October 2011, this was the only locally owned and operated UL Central Station and installing company in the Sacramento area.

In 1997, Greg’s son, Brad Nibbelink and Diane’s son, Bryan Goulding came to work at SVA full-time, thus making them the third generation to join the family business. Although they worked at SVA part time since they were teenagers, they are now both directly involved in the day-to-day operations of both SVA and Certified Safe & Lock. Having also worked part time at the office during her high school years, it wasn’t until after she graduated from college in 2005, that Diane’s daughter (who holds her grandmother’s namesake), Laura Goulding found herself, as of December 2008, working at SVA full time.

After thirty-nine (39) years, and with a heavy heart, the decision was made amongst Greg, Diane, Bryan, Brad and Laura G. in the Spring of 2011, that SVA would transfer their monitoring services to another local UL company in Sacramento. On October 4, 2011, the transfer was complete, and SVA’s own UL Central Station went quiet, with all of their accounts now sending signals at their new monitoring station. SVA still operates as a 24/7 business, but their main office is only open Monday-Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm. During normal business hours, the staff in the main office, continue to monitor and oversee all signals received alongside the staff at the local UL Central Station. All installation, service, maintenance and alarm panel assistance is still available as it was before, and with the ever changing technology, the business finds itself thriving with its abilities to now monitor alarm systems via radio.

Certified Safe & Lock, became C.S.L.S., INC. dba Certified Safe & Lock Company in 1983, allowing Everett to retire after 30 years. C.S.L.S., INC. is also still actively running as a successful business. However, in 2012 the family once again, decided together, to move them from their original location at 5935 Folsom Blvd in East Sacramento, to just two doors down, to 5927 Folsom Blvd, giving them a smaller showroom, where they are still able to actively run service each day, as well as have open office hours of 8:00am-5:30pm for any key, lock and safe needs one might have.

Over the years, both SVA and C.S.L.S., INC. have managed to grow with the times. All employees are bonded and licensed by the California State Department of Consumer Affairs. And as employees and members of the family, each person affiliated with the businesses are devoted in providing the best service they have to offer. Everyone in the company realizes that if it weren’t for our customers, we wouldn’t be who we are today. It is the service they allow us to provide to them, that keeps us going, and wanting to improve even more to make sure they are satisfied with their security needs.


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